The Smartphone Boom in India

India has about 600+ million mobile phone users with about 800+ million subscriptions (SIM Cards base). About, 60% of these users are in Urban India. Now, imagine converting all those mobile users to smartphone users. Thanks to its population, India is a huge market for smartphone manufacturers. In the coming 2 years, smartphone manufacturers look …

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Clinic Plus and Chulbuli

Clinic Plus is the second most sold brand of shampoo in the rural markets after Cavin Kare's Chik shampoo. The following Clinic Plus advertisement is designed for the Indian Rural Markets. There is an animated character called Chulbuli.  The advertisement is partly based on the small girl of the original urban advertisement. We see both the advertisements below …

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Tata Nano and its market

The second car of the Urban The Tata Nano  may well turn out to be the second car of the Urban Consumer. Working couples who own a single car, face difficulty to commute to different offices daily as the husband drops his wife and then goes to his office. These people will not mind to …

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