E-commerce Marketing Touchpoints, Channels, Funnels and Attribution

Rarely will a buyer click your advertisement, fill in the details, read a blog post, then purchase your product in one single continuous journey; the journey is just not that linear. Customers evolve w.r.t. their awareness, trial, usage and brand/product loyalty across time and across devices and platforms. Therefore, how you want to develop a touchpoint …

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Strategic Channel Management

A sales channel is about where you're going to sell and how you're going to sell. In fact, it is about where you're consumer is willing to purchase your product, where the consumer expects the product to be available, what is the consumer decision making process regarding your category and product, and what is your …

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Touch point strategy

Segmenting consumers and understanding their behavior helps us understand the different customer interactions and touch points available for each of these consumer segments. Understanding the brand personality and the moods the brand can leverage will provide the advantage to communicate the values and be present at relevant touch points. With the media clutter the consumers …

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